Create diagrams without touching your mouse

Generate informal, class, sequence, state, gantt, user journey, or entity-relationship diagrams using only the keyboard

Powerful conceptualization suite

Gleek is a text-to-diagram tool that turns descriptions (in its own unique syntax) into diagrams


A flowchart is a type of diagram that shows a step-by-step view of a process. The flowchart documents the tasks and decisions needed for the goal to be achieved.

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Entity-relationship diagrams

An entity-relationship diagram (ERD) is a tool used to help a developer to design databases at the conceptual level. You can use Chen or Crow’s foot notation with Gleek.

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UML Class diagrams

Class diagrams are used in software engineering to describe the structure of a system. A class diagram uses UML to show the classes, attributes, methods, and their relationships to each other, in the system.

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UML Sequence diagrams

A sequence diagram helps create an overview of how a system works and how all the different parts interact with each other over time, carry out the required actions, and how processes are completed.

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UML State Machine diagrams

A state diagram provides a visual representation of an object's behavior throughout its lifecycle, shedding light on the different states it can be in, the transitions between these states, and the events that trigger these changes.

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UML Object diagrams

Object diagrams show the real-world instances of the objects in the system and the relationships between these instances. The object diagram can focus on part, or show a complete view of the system being modeled.

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Gantt charts

Whether you're managing a construction project, planning an event, or developing software, a Gantt chart provides an at-a-glance view of the entire project lifecycle.

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User Journey diagrams

A user Journey diagram allows you to see your product from the user's perspective, helping you identify potential pain points and areas for improvement.

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Quick to Learn, Easy to Use

Get started immediately without the steep learning curve. Gleek’s intuitive syntax lets you focus on what truly matters - creating meaningful representations of your ideas.

Rapid Diagramming

Developers can focus on ideas without touching a mouse. Only the keyboard allowed.

Version Control

Do not bother storing binary files, beause Gleek offers you meaningful version control.

Live Collaboration

Experience working with others. Plan, conceptualize and finalize your project ideas.

Diagram export

Export and share diagrams. Save in different formats that suit your requirements.

Design templates

Use pre-designed templates to guide you through common use cases.


Choose the right look for your diagrams to reflect their nature.