In an era where technology continues to redefine the boundaries of what's possible, we are thrilled to introduce you to our groundbreaking feature – Gleek's AI Chat. Welcome to the next level of diagram creation, where efficiency meets precision, and functionality is at the heart of design. Let's see how it works.

The evolution of Gleek: From code-to-diagram to AI-powered chat

Gleek has always been about simplifying the complex, about turning the intricate into the accessible. Born out of a mission to provide developers, students, and teachers with a streamlined way to visualize their ideas, Gleek started as an online text-to-diagram tool. By harnessing the power of code, Gleek allowed users to generate informal, class, sequence, or entity-relationship diagrams using only their keyboards.

The vision was simple: to create a tool so efficient that it could craft diagrams without even the slightest touch of a mouse. And indeed, Gleek was a resounding success, becoming a trusted companion for those needing to quickly and efficiently map out their thoughts. But we didn't stop there. We knew there was more we could do, more ways we could innovate to make the diagramming process even smoother.

As Gleek continued to evolve, we saw an opportunity for further innovation. We asked ourselves, "What if we could make the process of creating diagrams even easier? What if we could transform prompts into ready-to-use diagrams?" And thus, the idea for Gleek's AI Chat was born.

Gleek AI chat - Translating your prompts into comprehensive diagrams of various types

Gone are the days of having to craft each individual element of your diagram. With Gleek's AI Chat, your prompts are swiftly translated into precise, functional diagrams. This transformative feature significantly changes how you create and visualize data through diagrams, making the process easier and more efficient than ever before.

But the real magic lies in the diversity of diagrams you can create. Whether you need to build flowcharts, UML class and sequence diagrams, ER diagrams, Gleek's AI Chat has got you covered. The possibilities are endless when you have an innovative tool that can understand your prompts and convert them into any type of diagram.

Check out how we use Gleek AI chat in practice in our new Step-by-step tutorial for a University management system class diagram.

How prompt-based diagram creation works

The beauty of Gleek's AI Chat is in its ability to understand and execute a wide range of prompts, from the simplest to the most complex. This feature allows you to construct detailed diagrams that perfectly capture your vision. Here are some examples that illustrate the flexibility and power of Gleek's AI chat:

  • Simple Prompts: For basic diagramming needs, you can use straightforward prompts like "Create a basic ER diagram for an employee management system with three entities". Gleek's AI Chat will quickly generate a functional ER diagram based on this simple instruction.


  • Detailed Prompts: If your diagramming requirements are more specific, you can include additional details in your prompt. For instance, "Create an ER diagram for an employee management system with entities: Employee, Department, Project, Manager, and Skill. Include attributes and relationships." With this comprehensive prompt, the AI Chat will create a custom ER diagram that includes all the specified elements.


  • Advanced Prompts: For those who need to specify connection types in their diagrams, Gleek's AI Chat can handle complex prompts that include these details. You might say something like, "Create an ER diagram for an employee management system with entities: Employee, Department, Project, Manager, and Skill. Include one-to-many relationships between Employee and Department and one-to-one relationships between Manager and Department." The AI Chat will interpret your prompt and translate it into a precise diagram that reflects your specifications.



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Tailoring your AI-generated diagrams in code mode

Not only Gleek's AI Chat generates diagrams based on your prompts, it also allows you to further tailor them in code mode. This advanced feature gives you the flexibility to fine-tune your diagrams and match the results to your exact requirements. Add extra details, adjust the layout, or even change the diagram type - with code mode, you are in full control of your diagrams.

Simplified collaboration with Gleek's AI chat

Sharing your insights and ideas is so simple now. With Gleek's AI Chat, you can effortlessly share your AI-generated diagrams and their corresponding prompts with colleagues. This promotes an exchange of ideas, allowing for more effective collaboration, regardless of the complexity or type of diagrams involved.

Embrace the future of diagramming with Gleek's AI chat

The Gleek AI Chat is a step toward the future of diagramming. It combines the power of AI with Gleek's commitment to efficiency, clarity, and precision, providing you with a tool that simplifies and enhances your diagramming experience.

With Gleek's AI Chat, we are taking a bold step into the future of diagramming. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and experience firsthand how Gleek's AI Chat can upgrade your diagramming process. Diagrams are now only a prompt away.

Start using Gleek's AI Chat today and see how it can change the way you create and visualize diagrams.