Gleek, an online AI-powered diagramming tool, is designed to help you generate informal, class, sequence, or entity-relationship diagrams using only your keyboard. This tool is customized to meet the needs of developers, students, and teachers working with diagrams.

Today, we're excited to announce a new subscription plan, the Per Activity Premium, designed to offer flexible and cost-effective usage options for our users.

How exactly does the Per Activity plan work?

The Per Activity Plan operates on a unique billing structure that adapts to your engagement with Gleek. Here's a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Initial Pre-Payment: At the beginning of each active month, you make an initial pre-payment. This unlocks all premium features for your usage throughout the month.

  2. Monitoring Your Activity: As you use Gleek, your activity is logged. This activity log influences your charges for the upcoming months.

  3. Dynamic Billing Cycle: Your usage during the previous month determines the billing cycle for the current month. If you were active in the previous month, a charge will be incurred for the next month, ensuring uninterrupted access to the premium features.

  4. Flexibility During Inactive Months: If you don't use Gleek during a particular month, you won't have to worry about unnecessary charges. While you'll still be charged for that month due to the initial pre-payment, charges for subsequent months will be put on hold until your next activity.

  5. Automatic Adjustments: The system dynamically adjusts the billing cycle based on your usage patterns. If you engage with Gleek during a period, charges for the following month will be applied at the beginning of that month.

Gleek's Standard Premium vs. Per Activity Premium subscription

Our Standard Monthly Premium plan is designed for frequent users. It comes with a fixed monthly fee, providing unlimited access to all Gleek Premium features. This plan is best suited for those who regularly create diagrams, as it offers the most value for consistent usage.

On the other hand, the Per Activity Monthly Premium plan is tailored for infrequent or periodical users. With this plan, if you don't use Gleek in a particular month, you won't be charged. This flexibility makes the Per Activity plan a more economical choice for users with irregular diagramming needs.

Head-to-head comparison of Gleek's Premium plans


Per Activity Standard


10.99 EUR

6.95 EUR

Billing Approach

Initial pre-payment at the onset of each month

Fixed monthly fee

App Usage Impact on Billing

Billing cycle influenced by previous month's activity

Fixed monthly charge, unaffected by app usage

Flexibility for Inactive Months

Charges temporarily suspended during inactive months

Fixed monthly charge applicable regardless of app engagement


The Per Activity Premium plan is priced at 10.99 EUR, while the Usual Premium subscription is available for 6.95 EUR per month.

Billing approach

As was mentioned previously, when you opt for Gleek's Per Activity plan, you initiate a pre-payment at the onset of each month. This payment unlocks the premium features, enabling your access for the entire month. On the other hand, with the Usual Premium subscription, a fixed monthly fee of 6.95 EUR is charged regardless of your app usage.

App usage impact on billing

Your activity in the preceding month influences the billing cycle for the current month in the Per Activity plan. However, if you don't engage with the app in a particular month, subsequent charges are paused until your next interaction. The Usual Premium remains steady and unaffected by your app usage.

Flexibility for inactive months

If you don't use the app during a particular month under the Per Activity plan, subsequent charges will be temporarily paused until your next log-in. In contrast, the Usual Premium subscription does not offer similar flexibility in inactive months.

When choose the Per Activity plan?

The Per Activity plan offers a high degree of flexibility and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal choice for users with variable diagramming needs. Unlike the Standard Premium Plan, you're only billed based on your activity, ensuring you only pay for what you use. If there are months where you don't require Gleek's services, you won't be charged, providing significant savings. This is a striking difference from the Usual Premium Plan, which charges a fixed fee regardless of usage.

Stay connected, stay premium, and stay hassle-free with Gleek's Per Activity plan.